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Religiousness and Learning

Life is a road full of difficult turns and twists. In difficult times, a person connects to God and knows the true purpose and meaning of life.

Learning is a lifelong process and a person keeps learning all the time. The ability to learn is not novel. Human show signs of learning since they are developing as a baby. The learning capacity keeps growing by the age.

The religion serves as an emblem of growth in the later life years. Fast forward to university years, and a person is at peak of the learning process. Therefore, I am going to write my essay about the learning ability through which a person acquires growth, in its connection to religiousness.

Religiousness provides hope by which a person stays positive and gets the motivation to complete the tasks. Completing tasks is important for the educational processes as there is a plethora of assignments and tasks in the university years. Religiousness provide a connection to God and a will to excel and to do something better than oneself.

Therefore, a person is able to work hard and excel in virtue of keeping such values. Religiousness provides focus, as the less religious students are more inclined to waste away in the joys of youth and pleasures of life, forgetting God and the moral principles of life. Thus, religiousness serves as a strong predictor of effective learning in later life.

Religiousness refines a person, thus providing him/her with the ability to make a bonding with people who share the same values. A person learns to grow further by people of good values. In the process, a person is refined even more. Moreover, a person later administers his learning and values gained by religiousness to the other situations in life.

This also influences a person’s circle, his peer, his significant other and his children. Thus, a religious person is able to develop an influence of growth that allows positivity and learning in every possible way


Published by LidiaSmith

I am a historian, as well as article and blog writer. I have always been interested in the historical matters and used to write the opinion editions about such matters. I also used to write articles for famous websites like the New York Times, Forbes, Washington Times and many others. While writing about the serious historical topics, I also spared some time to write reviews about historical movies. With the passage of time, I started writing reviews about different types of movies. In the comment section of one of such articles, a student asked me ‘can you write my essay.’ I had some free time, so I decided to help the student, and he was able to earn good grades, due to my help and guidance. This led me to join the freelance writing platforms, as I was determined to guide the struggling students to achieve academic excellence.

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